You should’ve cared about homeless people before coronavirus

Rori Porter
2 min readMar 17, 2020

Something beautiful to come out of coronavirus is that there is an increased urgency to help the homeless in our communities. (L.A. Times)

Don’t get me wrong — we all should’ve been doing more to help the homeless before this crisis. But it’s beautiful, in some twisted way, that people are coming together now when things seem worst. ‘There are always good people,’ is what I am trying to say. There are always good people, even when some asshole is hoarding all of the toilet paper. There are Always. Good. People.

Some good may be coming of something horrible, and I hope that we can maintain momentum post-crisis.

Our homeless are in crisis 24/7/365 and beyond.

It’s about time that people became concerned with how incredibly dangerous homelessness is. We are all impacted when our cities let so many human beings live on the streets, exposed to the elements and most every contractable illness. In addition to illness and pandemics like COVID-19, homeless people face a myriad of regularly dismissed and overlooked horrors like rape, physical assault, and severe mental health trauma.

Our society is only as strong as its most vulnerable, and we are pretty damned vulnerable right now.

If you can, please donate some money or some of that toilet paper you hoarded to your local homeless shelters.

If you’re in California, vote for the Rental Affordability Act this November.

Housing is a human right.

Thank you.

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