A couple of points:

You seem to not be based in the United States. Where you live, justice may be more regularly served, when in the US, marginalized people rarely receive justice. This is why we protest so often. Police have qualified immunity and often murder unarmed people without consequence. Peaceful protests here are regularly regarded as “mobs” and “riots” despite the overwhelming majority of participants being peaceful and usually just holding signs and chanting. When justice is not served for whatever reason, it is the right of the people to rise up and protest it.

A lot of things that are dangerous to marginalized people, especially youth, is not illegal. Telling kids that the holocaust never happened isn’t illegal in the United States. Banning LGBTQIA+ people from accessing housing or employment isn’t illegal in all 50 states. Discrimination against many populations is still very legal in many places here, and murdering queer people and people of color often goes without punishment. There are states where doctors can REFUSE SERVICE to an LGBTQIA+ person on the basis of religious freedom, which frequently results in us DYING. These people only get fired when we protest and flood media channels with our voices, and even then they don’t usually get their right to provide care revoked. Even if a police officer who murders someone gets fired, they can usually go to another precinct and continue harming our communities.

So your stance that a mob is never right is firmly a position of privilege from my standpoint, and that likely comes from a sincere misunderstanding of what it is like to exist in the United States as a marginalized person. We frequently do not get justice for ANYTHING, even these extremes, so when there is a slight against our communities the only power we have is to boycott, cancel, protest, and scream until justice is served in some capacity. Our judicial system is, to put it politely, utterly fucked.

None of this is happening to Rowling, because we know when to protest and when to simply boycott. Very few people are protesting Rowling, they are merely writing on the internet about how her actions and words have been problematic and voting with their dollar. And, again, I cannot speak for anybody but myself and receiving death and rape threats is a horrible thing to happen to anybody. None of that is my fault, and it doesn’t change the fact that I feel that she has chosen to stand on the wrong side of history. I write articles — I don’t threaten people, and nobody I know does.

And I think that Rowling formed her opinion of trans activists through gender critical spaces that hold a severe bias agains the trans community. As I said to you several comments ago — trans people who aren’t harming Rowling with threats don’t have to answer for those actions. If she forms an opinion about our entire community based on the actions of a few bad actors, that’s not my problem. If someone chooses to be racist, homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic because they were harmed by a mentally ill person from one of those communities, it’s not a fair judgment call and they need go look outside of the mob to speak with those of us who aren’t unleashing their internal crisis on celebrities on Twitter. Any educated adult should be able to see the difference between your average trans person and someone who would threaten to rape someone online. Tarring us all with the same brush is itself an action of extreme ignorance, bias, and cognitive dissonance.

Your bias is showing again because I have never told someone that I would harm them because I disagree with them, and I absolutely refuse to answer for the actions of anybody other than myself. So, once again, stop bringing those people up — I don’t know them, and I will not answer for their shitty behavior.

Overall, your recent comment here is laced with gender critical ideology that you have to make an effort to unlearn. If you’re not willing to listen to average, level-headed trans people, you’re frankly beyond my assistance. I won’t reach you. A cis ally is going to have to work on you if you are to see the trans perspective an value it. Don’t devalue my time here by constantly bringing up trans abusers who go completely nuts with the smallest bit of anonymity. As you can see, I am not anonymous. I put my name behind every word I say on the internet, and I have received my own fair share of death threats from gender critical feminists and their supporters. Yet, as a reasonable person, I understand that not every gender-critical feminist is an unhinged maniac who wants to murder trans people. I understand the difference between those people and someone like Rowling, and I ask for the same consideration given how I have conducted myself even when having frustrating discussions with transphobic bigots.

I understand that Rowling has an earnest concern for AFAB trans people and AFAB cis people who make an earnest mistake in transitioning. You should know, detransitioners make up an exceedingly small portion of those who transition, to such an extent that they aren’t on my radar despite me working heavily with trans populations in my free time and in my career. The vast majority of people who transition do not go on to regret their decision - I’ve never met one outside of Twitter, to be honest. That is not to say that detransitioners don’t deserve attention and sympathy, but they are not an inherent part of my community.

Rowling wrote her essay, and I wrote mine, as did many others. We are having an ongoing discussion in our culture on trans rights and autonomy, and I cannot help you if you lump in people like me with someone who threatens to choke someone while sexually assaulting them. Such behavior is vile and revolting to me and I cannot speak further on their behavior. Yes, their behavior is antithetical to a civil discussion. But, as I keep saying, I cannot answer for it because I don’t do things like that and I don’t know anybody who ever would. It may come as a surprise to you, but Twitter and how people act on it is not a reflection of reality or the real world we live in. Some people go batshit with the tiniest amount of anonymity, and I prey that they gt the help they need to cease bullying and threatening people online.

Your points are becoming increasingly frustrating to respond to because you keep bringing up trans people who are doing things that I do not do or personally endorse. I don’t think removing Chappelle from Netflix is going to solve our issues. I’m not for banning Harry Potter or JK Rowling’s future work. We have to respond to what celebrities have said of the trans community, not quash it and find ourselves trying to limit the free speech of a Black comedian. I may tongue-in-cheek suggest that we cancel someone like Rowling, but it’s from my sincere understanding of canceling as a largely useless gesture against such prominent and wealthy celebrities who have massive platforms to keep saying whatever they wish to say about whoever it is they wish to say it about.

I’ve only ever given civilized and respectful responses to Rowling’s ideology on my community. I don’t have to answer for anybody’s words but my own.

I understand your fear of ideological warfare dispelled at the tiniest level of offense. But, again, I am not one of those people who engages in such a manner, and if you expect me to continue responding I expect you to not bring up those people just because the ones you’re currently concerned with are also transgender.

If you want to have a discussion with me about trans rights, the kinds of issues I am truly invested in are how many trans women of color are being murdered in the United States. I am interested in speaking on healthcare access, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, and other REAL issues that impact the trans community.

As far as Rowling and Chappelle, I frankly couldn’t give any less of a damn.

Autistic Queer Transfemme writer & designer based out of Los Angeles. She/Her/They/Their. Editor of TransFoc.us Anthology. RoriPorter.com

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