Rori Porter
Autistic Queer Transfemme writer & designer based out of Los Angeles. She/Her/They/Their. Editor of Anthology.

We must nurture love within ourselves and our community

I first encountered cis people who were angry about the existence of trans people (particularly trans women) on Tumblr. When I was active on the platform back in around 2009 — 2012, I was profoundly closeted but also outwardly supportive of Trans Rights. I was in college, and trans people…

I am humbly four-hundred and thirty-seven days sober as of writing this essay, and I have learned a lot about what it means to be a sober trans person in that time. Meeting many wonderful sober queer people and finding sober spaces has been extremely healthy for me, and working…

I was born a fucking baby.

What is the difference between cisgender people and transgender people? Well, cis people, for one, align with their gender assigned at birth. But what if we didn’t assign genders in the first place? What would the difference be then?

There wouldn’t be one. We’d…

Okay lol.

I get that you're trying to get a rise out of me using a vague transphobic jibe so you can gaslight me if I were to get offended, but that's not really going to happen. I'm mostly just curious about what this has to do with anything I wrote?

Let me know, bestie. Hope you have the day you deserve :)

In 2021, this may seem like a silly question. Nonbinary is to be not binary, but is it all it means? We could flesh it out in commonly phrased prescripts like, “nonbinary is to be something in between, outside of, or some combination of a man or a woman.” …

Rori Porter

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